Experienced regulatory enforcement and compliance lawyer who provides advice and assistance to clients in relation to data protection law and the General Data Protection Regulation

If you are facing enforcement action by the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) you are best advised to instruct an experienced solicitor, like Jim Meyer, to defend you. The Data Protection Act 2018 has greatly extended the UK’s data protection laws, and, whilst the fines that can be imposed are massive, the ICO has an array of options available, including warnings and reprimands; instructing a solicitor early greatly increases your prospects of achieving a favourable outcome.

If you are accused of obstructing the ICO, knowingly or recklessly retaining personal data without consent, re-identifying personal data that had been “de-identified” (i.e. redacted), altering data to prevent disclosure, or unlawfully requiring another person to provide or give access to a relevant record, then you should seek legal advice from an experienced practitioner.

With over 27 years‘ years experience as a regulatory enforcement lawyer, Jim’s clients include companies and unincorporated organisations, as well as company officers (directors and company secretaries), managers and employees who are often referred by their company’s own lawyers for specialist advice and assistance.

Jim advises individuals on the potential liability that is secondary to their company’s, for example when there is an allegation that a company’s offending was caused by a director’s or manager’s consent, connivance, and/or neglect, as well as advising more genuinely in relation to a request for assistance, or a request made compelling the provision of information.

👉 You want to achieve the best possible result 👈

  • Avoid any enforcement action altogether
  • Avoid damaging court proceedings
  • Avoid criminal conviction
  • Mitigate sentence

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Assembling the right legal team to advise and actively defend you will be one of the most important actions that you take.

Jim Meyer will do all that he can to ensure the best possible outcome.

Seek the advice of an experienced lawyer who can help you comply with data protection law

The enhanced rights and obligations enshrined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mean that now, more than ever, businesses cannot afford to ignore data protection law. Jim can advise on what is a broad range of complex data protection issues, helping you to:

  • Ensure that personal data is protected, including:
    • Assisting you to conduct a data processing audit;
    • Advising you in relation to the lawful bases of processing;
    • Drafting privacy notices to meet the new standards of transparency;
    • Advising you in relation to website policies and cookies notices;
    • Advising you in relation to electronic marketing and how to comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations;
    • Advising you on the appointment, role and responsibilities of a data protection officer;
    • Assisting you to maintain records to demonstrate your data protection compliance.
  • Manage the consequences when it is not, including:
    • You first response following a data breach, including the obligation to notify the ICO and other regulatory bodies;
    • Focussed legal advice and practical support if you are subject to an ICO investigation
    • Mitigating the damage to potential claimants and ensuring you are prepared for any civil litigation which may follow.

Relevant case law in relation to data protection offences

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